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Question: why is chai so mesmerizing?

It could be the delightful blend of black tea, exotic spices like cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. More likely it’s the perfect mood soother. Brightens the spirits when you need energy. Soothes the soul when you need comfort.

Mystic Chai is an exquisite chai. No skimping on ingredients or flavor. Extra touches like real vanilla in the vanilla flavor. Easy to use—both spiced and vanilla powdered blends come in a convenient canister form.

Customize your Mystic Chai experience.

Mix two tablespoons from the canister with hot water and add milk or soy for a creamier flavor. Or, add hot water and pour over ice for a refreshingly cool chai tea. Piping hot, poured over ice or perfectly blended, Mystic Chai defines indulgence in every sip.

Think outside the canister.

Stir Mystic Chai into banana bread recipes. Use it to create chai icing. A savory fave: chargrilled chicken. And on winter nights a warming chai toddy really chases away the chills.