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Snowflake Coconut elevates everything.

Sprinkle. Roll. Cover. Mix. Serve—Wow! Snowflake® Coconut is the flavor consumers crave delivered with the quality our customers expect.

Breathe in the aroma. Eat with your eyes. Nothing tops it for taste and mouthwatering golden good looks. Its sweet, natural flavor comes from fresh Philippine coconuts—reputed to be the best in the world for exceptional quality and flavor.

Savory dishes to sweet. Asian to Indian recipes. Baked, steamed or fried. Transform the taste of any menu or meal! From scrumptious cakes and pies to delicious salads and entrees, Snowflake Coconut enhances any taste offering.

At a glance: No-clump flakes lock out excess moisture. Longer flakes are luscious baked. Available in three on-trend varieties.

Snowflake Medium Coconut is great for blending in cake and batter mixes, using in Eastern Indian curries and adding flavor to steamed and/or sushi rice.

Snowflake Fancy Shred Coconut is perfect for pie fillings, puddings and bars.

Snowflake Short Flake Coconut is ideal for coconut fried shrimp cakes; use in Asian salad and to top layer cakes, donuts and cupcakes.