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About Chef's Pass

Chef-driven to deliver new flavor adventures.

Today’s consumers are more health-conscious, ingredient-aware and are demanding a greater understanding of where the food they buy comes from. This, of course, matters to chefs. Cooking as close to scratch with natural ingredients is the ambition to achieve a better final dish.

That’s why so many of them use our products because they don’t feel compromised. We share their desire for simple, honest ingredients, carefully selected and prepared to deliver authentic, flavorful results every time.

We believe in:

- Innovating products that meet the needs of chefs
- Natural ingredients and greater transparency
- Delivering new and exciting menu adventures

Built on extraordinary chefing expertise, Chef's Pass™ will breathe new life into some classic chef categories. Guests want new and exciting adventures in taste and flavor and Chef's Pass will help you exceed expectations.

Hungry for more? Get great menu ideas.