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About Golden Dipt

Purveyors of flavor for 75 years.

Our story?

The short version: With tireless enthusiasm since 1938, we’re the nation’s number one choice for quality coatings, loved by foodies and families alike. Our motto: If it’s edible, it’s breadable

The long(er) version:

With age comes experience. For more than 75 years we’ve been delivering delicious, using fresh ingredients to create premium-quality products. 

Our on-staff chefs from all over the world have spent decades crafting and perfecting more than 70 fail-safe fresh coatings and griddle and bakery mixes. Whether you’re cooking for one or a chain of 101, you won’t find a broader selection. 

As trusted tastemakers, we love nothing more than sharing the latest global trends and menu infusions. We’re kind to the planet and proud to give back to the communities that we are part of. 

How’d it happen?

Good question. We started in the seafood business. People liked our fish, but they loved our batter. And so it began: we’d struck gold. We pulled together chefs from around the world who could help us build the trusted tastes you love with easy-to-use, premium-quality ingredients fresh from the fields.

With a stellar motto–If it’s edible, it’s breadable–and a team lead by the mighty Mr. Golden Dipt® (you know who you are), we grew plate appeal, crunch and superior flavor around the globe.

Now, of course, great product has to be guided by stringent Quality Assurance programs to ensure no matter where the product went, it was fresh, consistent and safe.

And that’s how it is today. No matter where you are in the world, you can turn an ordinary appetizer, salad, entrée or dessert into a signature item—whether it’s a table at home or in the hottest part of town. Now we’ve got sales teams, customer service teams, chefs in the field and more to ensure not only that you get the products you love, but we can help you magic-up a menu that makes mouths water.