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Our inspired start.

It all goes back to the Himalayas. Our founder headed to the sacred mountain range in 1991 in search of something to metaphorically fill her cup. She discovered her true passion for rich, creamy, spiced tea. Chai. After dedicating three years to perfect her Western interpretation of this delectable drink, Oregon Chai® was born.

Through the years, we have remained true to our Oregonian heritage since introducing this authentic and inspired flavor to America … being the first widely distributed and No. 1 favorite chai brand in the United States.

We also proudly fill every cup with only the finest ingredients, using organic and 100% natural ingredients as often as possible. Nearly all of Oregon Chai concentrates are over 90% organic and carry the USDA Organic seal. From the Himalayas to your (tea) house, we send rich, rejuvenating, deliciously good karma.