Golden Dipt Tropical Rum Coconut Batter - 6 x 5 lb

SKU: G2457.21
Give poultry, seafood – just about anything! – tropical flair with this Tropical Rum Coconut Batter Mix from Golden Dipt. At Golden Dipt, we design products for foods with homemade taste that are easier to prepare than scratch, and fresher than frozen. This sweet, versatile batter features rum and coconut flavors to enhance foods with authentic tropical taste. A blend of corn and wheat flours and leavenings fries to a light golden brown color and delicate crispness that holds well under heat lamps. Or use this batter as a pre-dip or egg wash substitute with panko and other coatings for better coverage. Our Tropical Rum and Coconut Batter Mix is Kosher-Dairy certified.     Contains milk and wheat. This batter mix comes in 5 lb. bags, 6 per case to coat 210 lbs.
Allergen Information

Contains: Wheat, Milk

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