Birthday Cake Shake


A drinkable cake without the candles


2 scoops vanilla ice cream
6 oz Island Oasis® Ice Cream mix
1 oz DaVinci Gourmet®Cake Batter Syrup
½ oz DaVinci Gourmet®Chocolate Sauce
½ oz Sprinkle King™ Rainbow Nonpareils
1 oz Whipped cream
½ oz Sprinkle King™ Carnival Sprinkles


16 oz serving


1. In a blender, combine ice cream, Island Oasis® Ice Cream Mix and DaVinci Gourmet® Cake Batter Syrup. Blend until smooth.
2. Rim glass with DaVinci Gourmet® Chocolate Sauce and dip in Sprinkle King™ Rainbow Nonpareils.
4. Add shake to large footed fountain glass and top with whipped cream and Sprinkle King™ Carnival Sprinkles.

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