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Cup or kitchen: whip up something deliciously different.

Through the years, Oregon Chai® has gathered myriad recipes. Our rich and spiced flavors bring a uniquely indulgent edge to the menu. From a hot and cold morning cup, all the way through to Teriyaki Chai Chicken for dinner and Pear Chai Cookies for a dessert. We invite you to eat up, drink in and share chai moments.

Hot drink recipes

Some like it hot—and delicious.

Sip away challenging or chilly days. Whether you, or yours, need to stay on task, seek a mid-afternoon indulgence or are simply trying to warm up, these soothing hot drink recipes make you forget the weather reports.

Cold drink recipes

Start serving the coolest drinks around.

Whether relaxing with a sea view or a large, frosty chai to go, with extra indulgence Oregon Chai is what you need. Drink cool. Feel cool. 

It’s refreshment at its very best!

Chai cocktails

Host or hostess with hip beverages.

Our fun and fabulous cocktail recipes easily fall into this category.

Explore these cocktail concoctions, add to the list and most of all enjoy.

Chai dessert

Try chai for sweet, scrumptious and oh-so tasty desserts.

Oregon Chai’s recipes add decadence to any dessert offering. Start the morning right serving sweet and scrumptious Chai Sticky Buns—or whipping up Chocolate Chai Cake, a fan favorite. Be prepared to share the recipe

Chai meals

Making dinner unique.

When you’re looking for new and exciting taste ideas in the kitchen, all roads (and incredible recipes) lead to chai. Indulge your diners with the delicious and intriguing flavors of Oregon Chai in recipes ranging from Early Morning Chai French Toast to Teriyaki Chai Chicken Wings.