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Taste a better blend.

When the warm weather hits, there’s nothing that quenches the thirst quite like a frosty blended beverage. Especially one with delicious flavors, authentic ingredients and a companywide passion for making the best blended beverages around.

From our sweet mango or strawberry recipes to our decadent blends of dairy or non-fat yogurt, the hardest part will be choosing which one to satisfy the tastebuds. Think healthy all-fruit. Flavor-packed options with extra nutrients for those looking to build muscle, burn fat or simply replace a meal.

Whether you’re sparking new trends in the food and drink business or just craving the right sip for a patio staycation, these base and all-in-one mixes make it easy to prepare the perfect beverage every time. Simply add ice and blend.

  • Banana Mix

    Never worry about overripe or under ripe bananas again with this thick and creamy all-natural Banana Mix from Island Oasis! Instead, ke…

    From $7.95
  • Pina Colada Mix

    Skip the customs line and travel to the tropics with this creamy Piña Colada mix from Island Oasis instead! We make our smooth blend wi…

    From $7.95
  • Lemonade Mix

    Pucker up for the sweet-tart flavor in this all-natural frozen Lemonade Mix from Island Oasis! At Island Oasis, we know the best-tastin…

    From $7.95
  • Papaya Mix

    Forget your cares and let sweet, sun-ripened papaya transport you to tropical locales with this all-natural frozen mix from Island Oasi…

    From $7.95
  • Wildberry Mix

    Wild for berries? Then you’ll love the quintet we’ve concocted in this Wildberry Mix from Island Oasis! Our delectable mix of succulent…

    From $7.95
  • Sour Mix

    Enjoy the quality and taste of juicy from-scratch sour mix without the hassle of hand squeezing! At Island Oasis, we believe the best c…

    From $7.95
  • Mojito Mix

    Beat the heat with this authentic Mojito Mix from Island Oasis!! Inspired by the famous Cuban cocktail, our refreshing version feature…

    From $7.95
  • Barista Fria Caffe Latte

    Perk up and cool down with Barista Fria beverage bases from Island Oasis. Create rich and creamy blended or iced caffe lattes with this…

    From $7.95
  • Barista Fria Caramel Latte

    Cool down and get a caffeine boost with Barista Fria beverage bases from Island Oasis. Our creamy Caramel Latte mix features full-bodie…

    From $7.95
  • Barista Fria Mocha

    Enjoy a cool, caffeinated boost with rich chocolaty mocha flavor in this Barista Fria Mocha Mix from Island Oasis. Our ultra-creamy mix…

    From $7.95