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Golden Dipt Frequently Asked Questions

Coating questions? You’ve come to the right place.

Just because our mixes and coatings are easy to use, doesn’t mean questions don’t pop up from time to time. We’ve compiled the regulars–to maximize your time in the kitchen and away from the keyboard just ask. We’re always happy to talk flavor magic and help you create crunchy crowd pleasers.

Golden Dipt Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the Golden Dipt products shelf-stable?
Do you offer a range of breading products to choose from for customized texture?
Are you Seafood and Poultry coatings different from one another?
What’s the hold time on for these breadings?
Why should I use a Pre-Dip batter versus a traditional egg and milk wash?
What products does Pre-Dip work on?
Bread Crumbs
Are the bread crumbs baked fresh prior to packaging?