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Time for your wake-up call.

Fruits and vegetables may get all the smoothie love now, but coffee and cream are about to capture some serious hearts as well. Who wouldn’t crave a creamy caffeinated jolt drizzled with chocolate or caramel or both? Add a swirl of whipped cream and we’re talking deliciousness on the scale of irresistible.

That’s Barista Fria. We take all those sweet, luscious flavors and swirl them into a drink that knocks the typical cup of coffee clear off the menu. Speaking of coffee, we never use artificial crystals, either. Whether you’re building a frozen latte, chilled latte or mocha, it’s always real espresso beans for these caffeinated masterpieces.

Brewing for a crew? Barista Fria affiliates enjoy more than just the drinks, too. You get the equipment, marketing, and customer service you need to ensure drink sales go up like your customer’s energy levels. Give us a call.