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Island Oasis Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

It’s good to ask questions about the products you love and want to use. Here’s a handy list of answers to some of the ones we hear most often. If you have more or want to talk directly to us, just let us know.

Island Oasis Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Island Oasis healthier than other beverages?
What are your nutritional facts?
Are your products all-natural?
What’s the difference between sour mix and margarita mix?
Are your products gluten-free?
Is pina colada considered dairy?
Does it take forever to make a smoothie or frozen cocktail?
What’s the shelf life of your products?
Is it possible to order drink mixes online?
How many servings does one carton make?
Are your products kosher?
What is the difference between frozen and shelf-stable?
Online Store Delivery
Are there any extra charges for delivery?
How fast will I get my order?
Equipment Questions

Island Oasis Shaver Blender SB3X

Inconsistent Ice Flow?
Loud noise during mix cycle?
Machine is leaking/won’t drain properly?
Machine is not blending properly?
Shaver and blender operate but blades are not spinning in blender cup?
Inconsistency in finished drink?
Not shaving ice/ice won't dispense?
No Power to machine?

Island Oasis Shaver Blender SB2100

Machine is leaking/won’t drain properly?
The drink buttons are flashing?
How do I calibrate the machine?
Machine runs but does not shave?
Inconsistency in finished drink (too thick or thin)?
The machine is not blending?
No power to machine?
Other Questions
How can I sell Island Oasis frozen drinks?