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Goodbye, Average Joe.

Ready for a tall, handsome frozen iced coffee concoction decorated with a swirl of whipped cream and garnished with a sweet boost to dwindling energy levels? 

Meet the frappé—made with delicious Columbian Arabica coffee and utterly decadent additions including gooey caramel or toasted coconut. Cafés and coffeehouses consider it one of their most popular drinks, and at-home baristas know there’s nothing quite like a sip of pure caffeinated bliss. 

Made with only the finest ingredients for exceptional flavor, our frappé mixes are fast, easy and available. Exceptional Joe? Hello. Swipe left.

  • Barista Fria Caffe Latte

    Perk up and cool down with Barista Fria beverage bases from Island Oasis. Create rich and creamy blended or iced caffe lattes with this…

    From $7.95
  • Barista Fria Caramel Latte

    Cool down and get a caffeine boost with Barista Fria beverage bases from Island Oasis. Our creamy Caramel Latte mix features full-bodie…

    From $7.95
  • Barista Fria Mocha

    Enjoy a cool, caffeinated boost with rich chocolaty mocha flavor in this Barista Fria Mocha Mix from Island Oasis. Our ultra-creamy mix…

    From $7.95