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Seal in flavor. Lock out oil. Enjoy.

Put down the fork and leave the bowl of eggs and milk in grandma’s kitchen. Our pre-dip is changing the wash game. No more rolling and rolling and rolling food in a wash that doesn’t stick. Pre-dip fully coats and adheres to anything from chicken to peaches. No more worrying about raw eggs and milk food safety concerns. This is one pre-dip that washes away the competition and aids your kitchen in being waste free.

Once you let the pre-dip do its job, it’s on to the batter. It should be no surprise we’ve got a wide variety of those, too. Light recipes that let the food’s natural flavors come through. Mixes that add zest to anything from spicy skewered shrimp to muy caliente chicken. All of them bake to a crisp, golden brown and offer chefs the ability to customize. Get creative. Swap out water for beer, fruit juice or even hot sauce, and you’ve just changed the batter game.

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  • 1 / 2