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  • Golden Dipt 

Savor every single crumb.

There’re some foods that truly just need a little crunch. You might not want to mess with the flavor, but you do want to add in that little bite that gets tastebuds going. That’s where our breadcrumbs do the heavy lifting.

From plain or traditionally seasoned to Japanese-style panko breadcrumbs, we’ve got the crunch you love without taking away the flavors you crave. Seafood, boneless chicken, veggies—they can all benefit from some breadcrumb love.

Plus, best of all, we bake and grind every crumb. No stale seconds. No leftover crumbles. Just delicious, baked-fresh breadings for your next crunch craving. (Psst, restaurant owners. Just a little secret. Panko has excellent holding time under heat lamps.)

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  • 1 / 2