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The Original Oregon Chai Canister - The perfect combination of black tea, honey, spices and vanilla come together. Buy your suppl...
Why it's delicious:

Maybe you'd like your Me Time deliciously mellow after a long day. Or perhaps you'd prefer it extra sweet and spiced just because you feel like it. Either way—or, come to think of it, any way at all—Oregon Chai's 10-oz. canister is just the thing.

Customize your experience to your personal tastes. Go for one scoop, two scoops or 1 1/3 scoops—your call.

Product details:
Gross Weight 0.76 LB
Net Weight 0.63 LB
Shelf Life 360 days
Flammable No
Freeze Protection No
Hazardous No
Kosher Yes
1 of 1 reviews
  • After opening this canister, I was very irritated to find the canister is only half full. The package is deceptive, showing a larger container than you actually get.

    very disappointed, will not buy again, returning to store

    {0} on {1} (09/06/2018)
1 of 1 reviews