Feel good about your health and wellness alternatives.

Today, people are more conscious than ever about the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Whether it’s a meal replacement for bariatric patients or delicious all-natural purees, an increasing number of health and wellness providers are partnering with Kerry North American Brands to create programs that meet a wide variety of nutritional needs in an affordable, efficient and (let’s not forget) flavorful way.

Flavor and fitness: it is possible.

You can count on Kerry North American Brands to offer healthier alternatives like the sugar-free and delectable options available from our DaVinci Gourmet® brand. And by offering delicious flavors with 100% natural ingredients, Island Oasis® all-natural fruit purées are the key to providing hospitals and other healthcare facilities with outstanding beverage products. When combined with our Fuel Supplements, nutrient-enhanced smoothies and shakes can be made with specific goals in mind, such as weight loss, muscle mass, energy and more.

How can we help you help others today?

We understand that health and wellness providers like you are challenged every day to find the right combination of nutrition and flavor. And we’re eager to work with you to determine what’s best for the unique needs of your clientele.