Catering to the needs of event caterers.

It only seems fair: since you spend your entire professional life catering to the needs of others at weddings, reunions and everywhere else under the sun, moon and stars, isn’t it time someone catered to your unique needs? We couldn’t agree more. And that’s why we offer beverages, desserts and many other products that can help your catering business succeed.

Endless flavor possibilities.

DaVinci Gourmet® offers endless possibilities to event caterers like you. With more than 170 products at your service–including syrups, drinks, tea concentrates, fruit smoothies, flavorings and sauces–we’re perfectly positioned to add appeal and variety across your catering menus.

And speaking of “at your service.”

As always, you can count on Kerry for recipes, training support and merchandising materials. We’re ready to inspire you–and make it easier than ever to provide unforgettable experiences for your guests and clients. Let’s talk today and get started on this whole “catering to your every need” thing. You’ll be glad you did.