Golden Dipt Fish N Chip Traditional Style Breader - 6 x 5 lb

SKU: G62108.21
Serve up perfect fish fries the easy way with this traditional Fish ’n Chips Batter from Golden Dipt. At Golden Dipt, we create scratch-quality, convenient products that perform better than homemade. We specially formulated this batter to help fish and vegetables retain freshness under heat lamps for longer. This just-add-water batter fries to a light golden brown color with a crispy crust. A blend of wheat and corn flours and leavenings expand in the fryer for a slightly puffy look. It is excellent for delicate fish and vegetables, delivering flavor that enhances and won’t overpower. Just add your choice of liquid  , dip and fry to serve up crispy fish and veggies your patrons will love. Our traditional Fish ’n Chips Batter Mix is Kosher-Dairy certified.     Contains wheat. This traditional Fish ’n Chips Batter Mix comes in economical 5 lb. bags, 6 per case to coat 210 lbs.
Allergen Information

Contains: Milk, Cereals (Gluten-Containing)

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