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Just a taste of our success.

Every plan starts with a good idea. For Mike Herbert, it was to bring sweet, all-natural strawberry daiquiris into bars and restaurants known for beers and whiskey. He did what any entrepreneur did. He hit the streets. He wowed owners with sun-ripened flavors and even shared his plans for his piña colada mix. How did he celebrate? Strawberry daiquiris, of course.

That’s what Island Oasis® is. It’s the celebration of hard work. It’s the reward after running a 10K. It’s the flavor of escape after a rough day at the office, or a grueling day of classes. It’s the pitcher you make and share for a gab session with friends, and it’s the reward when closing a big business deal. Since 1984, we’ve added a lot more flavors to entice your tastebuds. Now in addition to growing our business, we’ll help grow yours, too.  

We’ll bring you custom-designed materials for your restaurant or bar. Menus. Banners. Tent cards. Posters. Need a merchandising strategy? We’ve got experts for that, too. We also have an easy-to-use equipment program. So now that we’ve told you about our past, how about we look to your future?