Inspiration At Elevation

In 1991, our founder headed to the Himalayas, where she was introduced to the delicious taste of rich, creamy, spiced chai tea. Wanting to bring that same great taste to the United States, she spent three years perfecting her own recipe and dubbed it Oregon Chai. For over 25 years, our chai tea has been crafted with clove, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and black tea for the warm, spiced chai flavor customers love.

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The Elements of Chai

Black Tea

Black tea carries earthy and malty notes, creating the base for our chai tea lattes.


Clove provides a subtly sweet and slightly bitter taste that plays off the sweetness of cardamom and cinnamon.


Cardamom imparts an almost piney flavor with fruity notes that complement the warming spices of cinnamon and clove.


Cinnamon has a sweet and woody flavor with a hint of spice that adds warmth to traditional chai tea.


With all the sweetness of chai tea ingredients, ginger adds a touch of spicy and peppery notes.

Farm to Flavor

When Mother Nature is happy, we’re happy. We’re leading sustainable initiatives that create a positive impact on the world around us. We’re proud to source natural ingredients from farms and plantations where organic agriculturists foster recyclable resources and promote ecological balance. Almost all Oregon Chai concentrates are certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project verified.

Featured Recipes

Original Iced Chai

Nothing beats the Original – except maybe an iced version. The Original Iced Chai combines Oregon Chai Original Concentrate with your preferred milk or milk alternative, poured over ice for a refreshing take on a chai tea latte.


You’ll all Chai-Scream for this delicious, blended chai drink. The Hawaiian Salted Caramel brings out the dairy notes while the extra spicy chai adds a kick of warming spices.

Chai Chia Soda​

Chia seeds provide a fun texture while the blueberry syrup adds a refreshing twist on Oregon Chai Original. Mix it all together with a splash of soda and your favorite fruit garnish for a bubbly chai chia concoction.