Blend, pour and serve.

simple, profitable beverage mixes

Simple, profitable beverage mixes

Big profits are a blend away - don't miss out on the frappe craze. All it takes is a package of Big Train, milk or water, and a little ice, and you're on your way to consistently flavorful, profitable frappes just like the big chains. Whether it's classic favorites, seasonal fun or more health-conscious options, simply blend, pour, serve and enjoy more sales in no time.

Big Train Products

Big profitability in every glass

COST                                  $1*

SALE PRICE                       ~$5


*Including distribution, cup, straw and ingredients

Easy does it every time

It really is as simple as blend, pour and serve. With Big Train mixes, you don't need expensive equipment, you're just minutes away from high profit margins.

Something special for everyone

From seasonal selections to today's trends to kid-friendly favorites, Big Train lets you offer simple satisfaction to every customer.