Island Oasis Sangria

Introducing Island Oasis Sangria Mix! We make our sangria mix with real white grapes, oranges and lemons so you get the best ingredients for a versatile and convenient base. This is sangria like you’ve never seen – get ready to remix your drinks and elevate your menu with mixology masterpieces.

One Mix, Many Applications:

  • Red Sangrias
  • White Sangrias
  • Frosés
  • Wine Slushies
  • Rum Punches
  • Tiki Drinks
  • Zero-Proof Cocktails
  • Smoothies

Features & Benefits:

  • ✲ Made With Real White Grapes, Lemons and Oranges
  • ✲ Made With Cane Sugar
  • ✲ No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives
  • ✲ Gluten Free
  • ✲ Just Add Red or White Wine or Liquor
  • ✲ Consistent & Easy-To-Use
  • ✲ Versatile Base Mix
  • ✲ Replace the Need for Red and White Sangria Mixes With One Mix

Featured Recipes

Recipes that will make your customers say WOW!
See how Island Oasis Sangria makes it easy to create beverages that stand out.

Fruit Frosé

Red Sangria

Spiced Rum Punch

White Sangria

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