Green Apple Dirty Soda

Dive into a Twist: The Green Apple Dirty Soda! A daring blend that takes your ordinary cola to the next level with a pop of green apple and a swirl of sweet cream. Dirty sodas are the hottest drink right now - and this one is guaranteed to cool you down.

Yield: 20 oz. drink


8 oz.        Cola soda
1 oz.        DaVinci Gourmet Green Apple Syrup
1 oz.        DaVinci Gourmet Sweet Cream


Step 1  Fill a pint size glass with ice.  Add cola to glass.  Add half of Green Apple Syrup on top.  Stir mixture with a straw. 
Step 2 In a small mixing glass, combine sweet cream and remaining Apple Syrup.  Drizzle mixture on top of soda. 
Step 3 Serve with a straw. Enjoy!

Born to raise flavor.

Born to raise flavor.