If it’s edible, it’s breadable!

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Deliver on customer cravings

As the number one brand for breaders, batters and breadcrumbs, Golden Dipt makes creating delicious food simple. And that’s just the beginning. Golden Dipt is also about creating something handcrafted with a touch of nostalgia that makes customers’ menu decisions easier and more exciting. Whether using one of our pre-dip coatings for fish or vegetables or one of our panko mixes for the perfect fried chicken, Golden Dipt will deliver on good-tasting food your patrons will crave.

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Culinary creativity

Revamp your own menu with our coatings and mixes, and bring a crisp, golden crunchiness to classic dishes like fried shrimp and onion rings. Or get creative with funnel cakes and tempura batter. For breakfast menu creations, use our waffle and pancake mixes or our bakery mixes to handcraft the best-tasting biscuits and blueberry muffins. Our batters, coatings, breadings and bread crumbs help seal in moisture and flavor. You don’t have to worry about raw egg safety concerns with our pre-dip batter mixes, which you can use to uniformly coat food like fried chicken and fish, all designed to retain moisture and reduce shrinkage in the fryer for better plate coverage.

The power of pre-dip

Golden Dipt Pre-dip offers 50% more cost savings versus traditional egg wash, and it will make your foods look and taste incredible. Now, you can see it AND believe it. Pre-dip is easy to use, and because it does not contain raw eggs, there’s no risk of contamination.

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Handcrafted quality

As a trusted brand for bakery and griddle mixes and the number one brand for breaders, batters and breadcrumbs, Golden Dipt helps chefs handcraft dishes that become customers’ favorite menu items. Our mixes and breaders make crafting delicious easy. Simple dip or coat proteins like chicken and fish for golden crispiness or use our bakery mixes for the perfect breakfast muffins.

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Golden Dipt FAQs

6-12 months depending on the product.

Yes. Golden Dipt offers a variety of Panko breading products ranging from fine to extra course to allow you to choose what best suits you and your menu items.

Of course! Each coating product that claims a particular protein is made up of a pre-seasoned mix that is fully seasoned to provide a better tasting finished dish.

The coatings and breadings are specially formulated for foodservice, offering extended hold times that maintain their crunchy texture and quality flavor, some allowing for refrigeration of breaded items for up to 12 hours before frying.

Our Pre-Dip batter offers operators a lot of benefits over traditional egg and milk washes. Our specially designed shelf-stable batter offers up to 50% cost savings over a traditional made-from-scratch alternative (1 case equals 15 gallons of milk + 15 dozen eggs), while also improving food safety preventing any potential contamination from raw eggs. Additionally, this product offers a great solution for evenly coating the product while adhering the breading without changing the flavor profile of the item. This method allows for the product to fry up golden-brown, without any added dark spots, normally brought on by the natural sugars in the egg and milk mixture. This versatile item provides moisture retention, less oil absorption, and can be used as a standalone batter.

Pre-Dip works on even the hardest-to-coat foods, improving coverage and coating adherence while sealing in the flavor of the food and keeping out the oil.

Yes, all of our bread crumbs are made from fresh-baked bread and offer a clean label of ingredients. We don’t use any scraps or stale pieces in the mixture.