Golden Dipt Chicken Breader - 6 x 5 lb

SKU: 20647152

Reach for our Deluxe Chicken Breader and make delicious fried chicken fast and easy with Golden Dipt! Since 1938, Golden Dipt has been the trusted source in foodservice for batters, breaders, griddle mixes and more, delivering scratch taste without the hassle of homemade. This fully seasoned poultry coating made with celery and black pepper perfectly complements all your poultry menu items. The all-wheat base coats smoothly and fries to a delicate crispness with a light golden brown color. Specially formulated to withstand longer fry times, this coating is perfect for larger pieces. Simply coat and fry to serve crispy, flavorful fried chicken your patrons will love.

Our Deluxe Chicken Breader is Kosher-Dairy certified. Contains wheat.

This Deluxe Chicken Breader is available in economical 50 lb. bags to coat 500 lbs. , or in 5 lb. bags, 6 per case to coat 300 lbs.

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