About us

We’re the pioneers of taste.

We’re a global food and drink leader. A joyous family of brands. More than 23,000 good people, spanning six continents, united in one goal: to ensure you, and yours, enjoy every bite and savor every sip of our products.

We’re real people with an appetite for flavor.

Our ever-evolving world is demanding authentic, delicious tastes, textures and aromas. All Kerry North American Brands uniquely deliver on those experiences while stirring in nutritional science and innovative technology.

A passion for the planet

We’re committed to using real, wholesome ingredients. We bake in sustainability. Whether it’s a single chai latte or a global company's nugget breading, we never forget to add a hearty dash of community values.

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It’s great to get feedback.

We’ll be honest with you: it’s really nice to get noticed every so often. We like it when someone in the media or a kind blogger sits down at keypad and starts typing nice things about our products or the way we go about doing what we do.

But don’t start worrying that it’s going to change us. We've always strived to lead the charge on flavor trends and we won't let anything distract us from our number one goal of delivering first-class taste experiences.