Hand Battered & Breaded is Better with Golden Dipt PreDIPT™ Batter and Panko

Increase foot traffic, improve plate appearance, upcharge on menus and grow sales by hand battering and breading with Golden Dipt PreDIPT and Panko.

Create hand-crafted, signature dishes that are always better than pre-breaded, frozen alternatives.

Original PreDIPT Batter

Don’t spend time using the wrong ingredients. Original PreDIPT Batter is an egg and milk wash replacement that provides superb coating adherence and coverage, creating a premium, irresistible taste and appearance, every time.

  • Significant cost savings over traditional egg and milk wash
  • Signature batter flavors when water is replaced juice, beer or other liquids
  • Adjustable viscosity for hard to coat foods that require thicker or thinner coverage
  • Remarkable moisture retention protects food integrity for a better plate appearance
  • Low oil absorption allows fried foods to stay crispier longer
  • No cross contamination from raw eggs
  • No refrigeration required before use

Item Item Number SAP Number Pack Size
Golden Dipt Original PreDIPT G7001.21 20628536 5 lb bag x 6
Golden Dipt Original PreDIPT G7001.49 20633280 50 lb bag


A favorite on any menu. Authentic Japanese breadcrumbs make the ordinary extraordinary with a craveable, light and crispy texture. From proteins to vegetables, desserts and more, there is no limit to what can be coated with Golden Dipt Panko.

  • Traditional Japanese technology is always used to create light and airy crumbs with uniform texture and color
  • Two granulation sizes ensure that you have the optimal balance of taste, texture and coverage
  • Untoasted and toasted crumbs provide fry color options (Toasted panko is available under G&L)

    Item Item Number SAP Number Pack Size Fry Color Texture
    Golden Dipt Fine Grind Panko G8049.43 20503076 25 lb bag Light Brown
    Golden Dipt Coarse Grind Panko G8050.43 20647431 25 lb bag Light Brown ⋆⋆
    Very Crispy
    G&L Coarse Grind Toasted Panko G5966.43 20628532 25 lb bag Medium Brown ⋆⋆⋆
    Extra Crispy

    Greatness Starts with Golden Dipt

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    and restaurant supply stores or by contacting your Kerry Sales Representative or
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