5 Ways to Celebrate National Margarita Day

National Margarita Day is February 22nd and we’re here to help your customers celebrate! Your bar or restaurant is the perfect place for you customers to travel with their taste buds and escape to pure paradise. From a classic on-the-rocks house margarita to flavors like mango and strawberry, Island Oasis makes it easy to create batches of drinks and refreshing to-go beverages. Mix up specialty margaritas with our shelf-stable margarita, strawberry, peach, wildberry, mango, pina colada and lemonade mixes. However you're serving up margaritas, we have five fun ways to celebrate National Margarita Day.

1. Mix up a signature drink special for the day

Customers love having something new or unique to try when they go out to eat. Creating a signature drink that's visually appealing and/or uses unusual ingredients like sriracha or nitro can create buzz on social media. Mixing up something special for National Margarita Day is a great way to increase foot traffic, whether customers are dining in or taking the party to go. You can find menu inspiration with one of our 12 tequilalicious recipes.

2. Include a taco or salsa pairing guide for your drink menu

Another way to celebrate National Margarita Day is with food! While drinks are the star of the show, it doesn't hurt to have a few margarita-inspired appetizers, main dishes or even desserts to pair with your drink menu. 

3. Innovate with unique rims

Instead of using just salt or sugar, switch it up!  For something sweet like mango or peach, create contrast using a chili lime rim or add more heat with jalapeno or even ghost pepper salt. Or up the sweetness and use cinnamon and sugar. You can even use unexpected ingredients for the rim like Old Bay seasoning or black ant salt (yes, like the insect). 

4. Serve in-house and to-go margarita flights

Customers might not be sure which margarita they want to try or they want to try a bunch at once. Serving a margarita flight, both in-house and to-go, can help not only your customers decide which is their favorite but also encourage more sales for you. You can create your own flight, pairing flavors that work well together - like classic, strawberry and mango - or create a mix and match menu so customers have a truly customizable experience.

5. Create a margarita party-in-a-box

Finally, you can help your customers bring home National Margarita Day with a margarita party-in-a-box. The party box can include anything from branded swag - think party cups, stickers, a banner, shot glasses - to rim salt or even our Island Oasis 32 fl. oz. to-go buckets, which make it easy for customers to serve up a few batched cocktails at home. 

Looking for more National Margarita Day inspiration? Download our margaritas recipe book and watch our recipe videos.