7 Drink Trends to Watch in 2023

From comforting, nostalgic flavors to adventurous and indulgent experiences, these are the drink trends to watch in 2023.

Drink trends come and go but one thing is for certain – we’re ready to help you keep your menu fresh and full of fun drinks. With the 2023 flavor insights, we’ve found seven beverage flavor trends that will resonate with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Hint of Health

Health isn’t always secondary to taste anymore. In a relatively post-pandemic world, people are more in tune with their health, looking for drinks with functional ingredients and balanced nutrition. They want flavors that convey a halo of health, from functionally forward ingredients to flavors that subtly imply better health – such as flavors like ginger or drinks with immune health support.

On the menu: Incorporating ingredients or flavors that signal a healthy halo will resonate with customers looking for a boost from their beverages.

Ocean breeze smoothie
Ocean Breeze Smoothie

4 oz Island Oasis® Plus™ Mango Peach Mix
4 oz Ice
½ Frozen banana
2 oz Pineapple juice

    Add all ingredients to a blender and mix until combined.
    Pour in a large glass and serve.

    Joy in Simple Things

    In a significantly fast culture, the simplicity in familiar and comfort flavors continue to bring joy to customers. Nostalgia, comfort and familiar flavors drive an everlasting appreciation for simple things – customers look forward to ordering their favorites.

    On the menu: Customers will gravitate toward seasonal, familiar flavors like pumpkin pie and peppermint, but also childhood favorites like cotton candy and even sour gummy candy.

    Pumpkin pie egg nog
    Scratch Pumpkin Egg Nog

    4 oz DaVinci Gourmet Pumpkin Pie Sauce
    4 whole eggs
    16 oz heavy whipping cream
    4 oz milk
    8 oz Oregon Chai Extra Spicy Super Concentrate
    1 tbsp nutmeg
    Optional - 1 oz bourbon or whiskey

      Whip eggs till firm. Add all ingredients and whip for 5 minutes. Strain through metal mesh to hold back any clumping. Serve cold with ground nutmeg on top.

      Maximizing Taste

      Customers want healthy, nutritious, better for you, and sustainable alternatives to provide the same taste experience and flavor intensity, if not more, than mainstream food and beverages. Sometimes alternative options have flavor challenges, so customers will need that extra boost of confidence that alternative ingredients still taste great.

      On the menu: Calling out alternatives – such as “dairy free” or “sugar free” – can make it easier for customers to find those options on your menu.

      Oat milk latte
      A Lighter Hot Oat Latte

      ½ cup Big Train Dairy Free Latte
      1 cup boiling water
      3 oz oat milk

      Stir water and Big Train Mix, top with oat milk.


      Mix & Mingle

      Adventure and indulgence have taken on a new meaning in today’s uncertain economy. Consumers want achievable adventures and playfulness with their beverages, via unlikely combinations like spicy habanero and sour lemonade, mashups of familiar drinks, fusion cuisines and unconventional flavor pairings.

      On the menu: Adding unexpected flavors to a classic drink or even topping beverages with unconventional garnishes can play into this trend.

      Pineapple habanero lemonade
      Pineapple Habanero Lemonade

      Add DaVinci Gourmet Pineapple Syrup, DaVinci Gourmet Habanero Syrup and lemonade to a cup. Stir to combine, top with ice and serve.

      Off the Reel

      Social media and the emphasis on visual currency have influenced beverage trends at a rapid pace. New recipes, over the top beverage creations, dressed up with abundant inclusions and toppings, vibrant glitters and sprinkles that have an element of familiarity attract consumer curiosity.

      On the menu: Creating over the top beverages like loaded milkshakes, experiential cocktails and drinks with unexpected toppings will resonate with customers looking for that Instagrammable moment.   

      Cotton Candy Margarita

      3 oz. Water
      2 oz. Tequila
      Pink or Blue Cotton Candy
      Pop Rocks

        Add a handful of cotton candy to a glass, sprinkle with pop rocks. Combine remaining ingredients into an ice filled shaker and shake. Pour over cotton candy glass.

        Purpose Driven Taste

        Sustainability is also influencing customers when they’re choosing their favorite brands, flavors, ingredients and menu items. Their taste preferences are guided by their familiarity with sustainable choices and most customers want to make choices that are better for people and the planet.

        On the menu: Calling out locally sourced, non-GMO or organic ingredients on your menu can encourage customers to feel like they’re making a more sustainable choice that they can feel good about.

        Caramel chai latte
        Caramel Chai Latte

        Combine ingredients, stir and enjoy.

        Roots & Origins

        Age old practices, ingredients and recipes are experiencing a revival. Origin stories and lost traditions are finding a new home amid the post-modernization of food coming full circle to authentic and wholesome experiences.

        On the menu: Using classic recipes – such as cocktails made with minimal ingredients from days gone by – and combining those with some different mixology techniques can excite customers.


        5 oz Island Oasis Strawberry
        5 oz sweet vermouth
        5 oz gin
        5 oz Campari
        1 cup shaved ice

        Pour all ingredients over 1 cup of shaved ice. Micro-plane lemon zest on top and serve with a small spoon. Can pre-batch without ice and store in a fridge. The extra strawberry sweetness is needed due to the intense cold from the shaved ice.

        Interested in more beverage flavor trends? Download the 2023 Flavor Insights for an in-depth look at trending flavors and ingredients across beverage categories.