Dirt and Worms Cup Frappe

Dirt cups are a classic treat for Halloween and the summertime. No matter the occasion, you can easily serve them up frappe style with our Frozen Dirt and Worms Cup recipe. Nostalgic indulgence in every sip, made with our Cookies N Cream Blended Crème Mix.


2 scoops Big Train Cookies N Cream Blended Crème Mix
5 oz. milk
1.5 cups Ice
Whipped cream
Gummy worms


Step 1    Combine liquids, powder, ice and blend until smooth.
Step 2    In cup, add small amount of whipped cream, layer frappe over the top, repeat.
Step 3    Top with whipped cream and worms. Serve and enjoy!

Blend, pour and serve.

Blend, pour and serve.