White Chocolate Red Velvet Shake


Chill out with our Frozen Red Velvet White Chocolate treat. The rich blend of Big Train Frozen White Chocolate and DaVinci Gourmet Red Velvet Syrup takes center stage, smoothly mixing with oat milk for a velvety, creamy holiday treat.


2 scoops Big Train Frozen White Chocolate Beverage Mix
1 oz. Davinci Gourmet Red Velvet Syrup
5 oz. Oat milk
1.5 Cups Ice
2 Cups Whipped cream
Optional: Island Oasis Ice Cream Mix


Add milk, powder, syrup and ice to blender and blend.
Pour 2-3 oz. of mixture into a 16 oz. glass.
Top with a small amount of whipped cream.
Continue layering until the glass is full.
Garnish with more whipped cream, red glitter or sugar, and a decorative chocolate garnish.

Optional Instruction: Whipped cream can be mixed with Island Oasis Ice Cream mix for an extra creamy layer.