Proud to serve those who serve.

Forgive us if we keep repeating the word “proud” when talking about our commitment to military and government food service. But the fact is, we are. We’re proud to provide beverages to military men and women around the globe. We’re proud to work with city, county, state and federal governments, as well as our GSA and DOD customers. And we’re proud of how our Made in the USA heritage gives us the opportunity to offer exceptional products and flavors to these dedicated individuals.

Flavors (and brands) that delight and refresh.

So what makes our brands right for you? Let’s start with Big Train®, which has been providing gourmet beverage mixes to our global customers for more than 20 years. We’re well-positioned to provide government and military organizations with the highest-quality, most delicious, simple-to-make beverage mixes available anywhere. Combined with excellent customer service and great shelf life, Big Train is a great choice for government and military agencies. Then there’s Island Oasis® smoothies, flavored iced teas and specialty drinks which can be found on Navy ships, Army bases, Air Force training centers and other military operations. A NAPA-approved vendor, the Island Oasis line of products also includes Barista Fria® coffee blends.

Providing support at every turn.

As part of the Kerry North American Brands organization our sales support team offers professional support staff with unrivaled service and satisfaction, diverse distribution options and flexible billing options (including government credit cards, government purchase orders and flexible terms), as well as the convenience of quick online reorders through a personalized account page. We also provide ground shipping in the continental United States (excluding Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico). Let us show you the flavors, service and complete beverage program support you’re looking for.