Become a QSR beverage destination.

Quick, what’s one surefire way that any QSR can boost its average ticket size and increase margins? If you said “Make it a beverage destination,” we’re definitely on the same page and should talk specifics. Because whether you have a single quick service restaurant or thousands, Kerry North American Brands has products and resources that can help you provide truly tantalizing product options.

Special-trip-worthy drinks.

Looking for a decadent blended crème frappés or delicious blended coffee? We can help. How about low-calorie frappés, gluten-free products, real fruit smoothies, protein drinks and much more? Our DaVinci Gourmet® and Big Train® brands offer a wide variety of the syrups and flavorings your customers will keep coming back for. Most simply require water and can be served hot, iced or blended. And since they’re typically powder-based or concentrates, you get longer shelf life to help reduce spoilage, and unnecessary waste and costs.

Help is on the way.

Looking for drink recipes? Done. Marketing materials and training support? Just ask. Our chefs are even ready to create new recipes using our products as a base. It’s a level of service and support that we’ve been providing to QSRs for more than 20 years. And we are ready to provide from the moment you reach out to us. Why not today?