Red Fish, Blue Fish Frappe


Pour all the things in a blender Grab a glass that's clear and slender Push a button on the blender Let it blend 'til the ice quivers Pour into your glass, use mitten's so you don't shiver Top with fish, golden or better Slip in a straw that's gold or silver Serve to your friend, sister or brother Sip, laugh, smile and savor with one another


2 scoops Big Train Bubble Gum Mix
5 oz. Water
1.5 cups Ice
Whipped Cream
DaVinci Gourmet
Cheesecake Syrup


Blend all Big Train Bubble Gum Mix, water and ice together until smooth. Top with whipped cream and DaVinci Gourmet Cheesecake syrup, mist blue food dye on whipped cream for ocean effect, place a few gummy fish treats on top. Drink with bliss.

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