Big Train Taro Bubble Tea


Indulge in the unique and satisfying taste of Big Train Taro Bubble Tea. Made with Dragonfly Blended Crème Taro mix, water, and chewy boba pearls, this refreshing beverage is easy to make and perfect for any occasion. Simply dissolve the Taro powder in water, add cooked boba pearls, pour over ice and enjoy!


5 oz. Water
2 scoops Big Train Dragonfly Blended Crème Taro
1.5 cups Ice
1/3 cup cooked boba pearls


Add boba pearls into a serving glass and fill with ice. Pour Taro powder and water into separate glass and stir or shake until dissolved. Add Boba to glass and serve.

Blend, pour and serve.

Blend, pour and serve.