Coconut Mojito Energizing Boba

Yield: 20 oz. beverage


6 oz.          Warm water
½ cup        Big Train Coconut Drink Mix
1½ cup      Ice
2 oz.         White lotus energy drink or energy drink of choice
8 med.      Fresh mint leaves
¼ cup       Prepared boba pearls
1 tbsp.      Brown Sugar Simple Syrup


Step 1    Blend water and coconut. Mix in a blender until smooth.
Step 2    Add the ice, energy drink, and mint leaves. Blend until smooth and creamy.
Step 3    Spoon the boba pearls into the glass. Pour the blended coconut drink mixture over the boba pearls.
Step 4    Drizzle the syrup on top. Serve with a boba straw. 

Note: Warming the water prior to blending with the coconut drink mix helps dissolve the dry mix and create a creamier mixture when blended with the ice.

Blend, pour and serve.

Blend, pour and serve.