Florentine Frizzante Smoothie


Herbal and sweet flavors are balanced with a pleasant acidity from the vinegar and mouth feel from the soda water. Called the "Florentine Frizzante" after a trip to Florence where the restaurants served frizzante water with each dinner. The inspiration here was to take the frizzante water and local vinegar and make a smoothie that would pair with fresh hand made pizza.


6 oz Island Oasis Strawberry
3 basil leaves
0.5 oz balsamic vinegar
1.5 cups ice (or 9 oz from Shaver Blender)
6 oz soda


16 oz. beverage


Add ingredients and blend, add soda last to the blender and pulse blend once, or stir with spoon or with simple circular motion. Add to glass and serve with fresh basil on top. Experiment with different vinegars. If this drink is more popular, consider batching vinegar into batch of strawberry mix for consistency. Works best in a shaver blender, as the ice crystal size is ideal for balancing both a smoothie and a soda texture.

Welcome to Pure Paradise

Welcome to Pure Paradise

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