Restaurant food supply meets value and reduced prices.

Sometimes you can’t meet a distributor minimum or you need something NOW! Or maybe you just prefer the convenience and value that a cash and carry store offers. That’s why you’ll find Kerry Foodservice products at your local wholesale food stores. Our cash and carry partners offer you the option to get in and get the products you need without the added burden of overstocking or spending more than your business can support. You can get exactly what you need at a price and value that protect your bottom line.

Trust feedback from other customers like you.

We’ve asked some of our trusted cash and carry customers to tell us what they love about their local store. Here are some of the highlights:

1. The dollar savings really add up.

2. The quality is still there at a reduced price.

3. They have a bond with the crew at the cash and carry.

4. They get to buy the quantities they need.

5. They find the right products for their operations.

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