Fried Mac & Cheese


Add crispy, crave-worthy fried mac & cheese bites to your appetizer menu. Each bite has a crunchy outside and deliciously soft creamy inside that will leave you wanting more.


1-2 cups of Kettle Collection Mac & Cheese
2 cups of Golden Dipt PreDIPT™
1-2 cups of Golden Dipt Coarse Panko
1 cup of Marinara sauce for dipping


1 serving


Shape cold Kettle Collection macaroni & cheese into medium-size balls and place onto a waxed paper-lined tray.
Freeze macaroni & cheese balls for 2-4 hours.
Next prepare the coatings. Set aside a bowl of dry PreDIPT.
In a different bowel, mix Golden Dipt PreDIPT and water for a wet mixture.
In a third bowl fill with Golden Dipt panko.
1. Coat the frozen balls in the dry PreDIPT bowl.
2. Dip the dusted macaroni and cheese balls in the wet PreDIPT mixture
3. Coat the balls in the Panko until fully covered.
Fry for appx. 2 minutes until golden brown.

Scratch-made taste. Ready-to-use convenience.

Scratch-made taste. Ready-to-use convenience.

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