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Sip your way to paradise.

Whether that’s the tropics, a swim-up bar at the water park or hello weekend (even if it is Thursday) our frozen cocktail mixers take you there.

Citrus-y. Tangy. Creamy. All you need to add to our non-alcoholic frozen mixers is ice, umbrellas and friends. (Umbrellas optional.) Or, craft your own flavor masterpiece by adding ice cream, yogurt, nutritional supplements and, of course, liquor.

To preserve the flavors you love to blend and serve, we pack with cooling gel packs and ship to where you are. Simply freeze our mixes for a year or more, or keep them in the fridge for 21 days unopened.

Choose your favorite flavors or mix and match to create your own.

  • Banana Mix

    Never worry about overripe or under ripe bananas again with this thick and creamy all-natural Banana Mix from Island Oasis! Instead, ke…

    From $7.95
  • Pina Colada Mix

    Skip the customs line and travel to the tropics with this creamy Piña Colada mix from Island Oasis instead! We make our smooth blend wi…

    From $7.95
  • Lemonade Mix

    Pucker up for the sweet-tart flavor in this all-natural frozen Lemonade Mix from Island Oasis! At Island Oasis, we know the best-tastin…

    From $7.95
  • Papaya Mix

    Forget your cares and let sweet, sun-ripened papaya transport you to tropical locales with this all-natural frozen mix from Island Oasi…

    From $7.95
  • Wildberry Mix

    Wild for berries? Then you’ll love the quintet we’ve concocted in this Wildberry Mix from Island Oasis! Our delectable mix of succulent…

    From $7.95
  • Sour Mix

    Enjoy the quality and taste of juicy from-scratch sour mix without the hassle of hand squeezing! At Island Oasis, we believe the best c…

    From $7.95
  • Mojito Mix

    Beat the heat with this authentic Mojito Mix from Island Oasis!! Inspired by the famous Cuban cocktail, our refreshing version feature…

    From $7.95
  • V8 V-Fusion Watermelon Raspberry Smoothie Mix

    Succulent raspberries and juicy watermelon make veggies a healthful treat in this all-natural V-Fusion Watermelon Raspberry Smoothie Mi…

  • Blueberry Pom Mix

    Sweet, sun-ripened blueberries and juicy, jewel-like pomegranate make a powerhouse pair in this all-natural mix from Island Oasis! Now …

    From $7.95
  • V8 V-Fusion Peach Mango Smoothie Mix

    Revive your smoothies and get a delicious dose of fruit and veggies with this all-natural V-Fusion Peach Mango Smoothie Mix from V8. …