Herbivore like a carnivore.


An exceptional alternative protein that is easy to prep

PlantFare™ plant-based protein delivers a wonderful, natural texture and appetizing appearance — it’s the ideal canvas for adding color and flavor to create signature culinary expressions. Together with back-of-house ease, versatility and convenience, PlantFare™ is the perfect way to deliver countless on-trend menu options to satisfy guests from vegan to vegetarian and flexitarian to meat eaters. It’s delicious, clean and simple.

Protein with a purpose

it’s food you can feel good about serving.

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Six ingredients, endless opportunities

New PlantFare plant-based protein shreds are an ideal palette for creating exceptional taste, texture and appeal - it's just like meat, just made from plants. Our shreds let you offer an appealing vegetarian and vegan option to satisfy the demand for plant-based foods.

Plant-based protein recipes

Filipino Sisig

Filipino Sisig

DescriptionReplace pork with a plant-based protein in this traditional Filipino dish. Sisig works well as both a snack or a main entree.IngredientsPaste 1⁄2 cup Low Sodium Soy 1/3 cup Sugar...
Roasted Poblano Flatbread

Roasted Poblano Flatbread

DescriptionFlatbread is the perfect made-to-order dish to highlight plant-based proteins and explore a variety of flavors and ingredients.IngredientsFlatbread 12"x5" Flatbread, thawed if frozen 1 cup Queso 1⁄2 cup Spinach/Kale, chopped...
Meatless Bolognese

Meatless Bolognese

DescriptionGive a classic Italian dish an unforgettable substitute without sacrificing delicious flavor.Ingredients1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil, divided, plus more for serving/split Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 medium...

Plant-based perfection for your kitchen

Unmatched versatility and back-of-house performance ensure PlantFare plant-based protein shreds are soon to be a kitchen staple.

• Simple 1:1 meat substitute within existing menu applications - tacos, sandwiches, salads, soups, sauce and pizza

• Versatile cooking - sauté or bake (impinge, wood-fire, convection, Turbo Chef®)

• Store in freezer - just thaw and use as needed

• Holds perfectly - 2 to 4 hours (190° with moisture) with minimal waste

A canvas for culinary creativity

PlantFare plant-based protein shreds offer appetizing appeal with a natural look, meaty color and satisfying texture in every bite. It's the perfect palette to create signature offerings across the menu that both you and your guests can feel good about.

PlantFare FAQs

PlantFare contains only 6 ingredients, which is a cleaner label than all other competitors. There is a demand for a better tasting and simpler product with regards to plant-based proteins – current barriers to acceptance include: appearance, taste, texture, and usage. PlantFare is superior due to its mouthfeel and taste (closely mimicking meat) – and it does not seem over-processed.

Water, Soy Protein, Canola Oil, Soy Fiber, Natural Flavors, Salt.

Base material is made in Blue Earth, MN.

Sold stocked status via DOT, DOT MOQ and lead times apply. Custom product and pack sizes available for 100k lb opportunities.

6/2# pouches and a 25# bulk.

18 months frozen storage. 2 weeks thawed unopened.

Not yet, but the team is currently evaluating other formats and protein sources.

No, but it can be shipped globally. We currently have the productions assets in the US only.

~ 1, all protein comes from soy.

DOT Expressway.

Yes, seasoning and/or sauces can be added to customize the flavor profile.

A proprietary vegan/vegetarian “chicken” type flavor.

Yes, PlantFare is Non-GMO (however, we haven’t gone through the process to get it certified - yet). The Canola Oil within this product is expeller pressed and comes from an Identity Preserved (IP) non-GM source. Within our ingredient statement we choose to label this ingredient as Canola Oil.

Yes, but currently it is not.

Short answer is No. Longer answer is that PlantFare has been formulated using all kosher ingredients, but the plant where this product is finished is not a Kosher certified facility. So while the product itself is Kosher we cannot currently carry that designation, but are exploring options that will allow us to certify in the future.